Exam Feedback


The main purpose of sitting a mock exam is to build confidence and get used to working in exam conditions, and usually in an unfamiliar environment. The papers are 11+ standard and your child’s score will indicate their current performance. Improvements can be measured over multiple sessions.

All the papers are marked and scored by qualified teachers. Their analysis of your child’s scores and written strategies underpin the recommendations for improving future exam performance.


Within 7-10 days of the mock exam you will be sent a Feedback Report email (to the email address you have supplied).
Please note, if you are expecting an email and have not heard from us, please check your spam/junk filter. Some email providers, in particular Hotmail, block emails from time to time. Please get in touch if you haven't received your feedback.

The Exam Feedback Report will contain the following:

1. Your child’s score for each test paper and a combined score for all the papers.

2. The group average score for each test paper and the combined scores. This will enable you to identify both strengths and weaknesses relative to the other candidates.
This is applicable to the May, June, July and August mock exams only.

3. Your child’s attitude and approach to the exam based on the observations of the invigilating team.

4. The types of questions your child found challenging from each section of the test.

5. Carefully selected examples of the more challenging question types with both an answer and an explanation of a technique/method.
This is applicable to the May, June, July and August mock exams only.

6. Appropriate recommendations.

Please note that Best2Test do NOT distribute, publish or release the test papers or the multiple-choice answer sheets. This ensures that no candidate has seen the test papers/ individual question types or answer sheets prior to the 11+ mock exam, ensuring that feedback is reliable.