What are CEM and GL Tests?

GL (GL Assessment) and CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring – Cambridge Assessment & Cambridge University Press) are the two different exam boards used by schools within Trafford. Individual grammar schools can specify which subjects are included in their tests as part of their 11+ exam and this can vary depending on the school’s selection policy.

GL Assessment publish both 11+ style papers and practise materials. CEM do NOT publish or endorse any commercially available material.

GL Tests

Combinations of three or four subjects, presented as separate subject papers. The length of each subject paper varies, although 45 minutes is the usual exam time.
Verbal Reasoning
Non-verbal Reasoning

GL Style Exams

CEM Tests

Combinations of three or four subjects, presented as two separate mixed subject 45minute papers. Within each paper, subject and timings for each section vary.
Verbal Reasoning
Non-verbal Reasoning

CEM Style Exams

Please note that individual grammar schools can choose to change exam boards as well as use any combination of subjects/question styles in their exam paper format to best suit their selection policy.